Technical Training Programs for Industry Individuals 

Knowledge grows by sharing, and we are keen to grow ours. This is why we always welcome Professionals and students for training at our place. Technical training programs and workshops are regularly arranged to update industry professionals with the latest technologies and innovations. We allow Textile University & colleges to use our laboratories for their practical courses, intern, or external projects. 

* AATCC International Training Program on Evaluating Colorfastness & Physical Properties of Textile In conjunction with ASTM International.


ACCORDING TO ISO 17025: 2017

Quality Management Systems Assessment As Per ISO 17025

Implementing ISO 17025 enables continuous improvement of your organization’s quality management systems (QMS) and processes. In turn, this improves the ability of your operations to meet customer requirements and expectations. Dysin helps you to understand the gaps in quality management system requirements in your laboratory that are relevant for testing and technical competence.

Steps of Dysin to Assess your laboratory through QMS Internal Audit:

1. Review the existing facility and current condition of the laboratory.
2. Quick review on lab understanding of clause of QMS ISO 17025 under the topics.
a) General Requirements
b) Structural Requirements
c) Resource Requirements
d) Process Requirements
e) Management System Requirements

3. Quick review of Laboratory Quality Manual, Management system procedure, SOP of the test methods, method validation, etc. as per ISO 17025.
4. Investigate technical issues related to test methods.
5. Observation on How to conduct Management Review Meeting as per ISO 17025.
6. Dysin will provide an assessment report with recommendations after the completion of this assessment program.

Note: CAP review and after-assessment assistance are not included in this program. However, Dysin has the bespoke services and assistance further for the implementation of Laboratory QMS as per ISO 17025: 2017.

Benefits of Internal Audit Assessment by Dysin:

Factory in-house lab plays a very critical role in the total supply chain where their test result accuracy is critical for the quality of the final product. Any inaccurate results from the factory lab will lead to the cancellation of the shipment. Hence, the factory lab must give zero error in their test results, and only then production can produce a product with zero quality failure. Dysin as an expert in quality service provider and a neutral body can do the independent routine assessment of the factory lab to check if the lab (people, machine, test methods, environment, etc.) is maintaining all necessary practices as per the ISO 17025 and Good Lab Practice guidelines.

Moreover, it will benefit:
* Prevents the occurrence of errors Hence it saves money, time, materials manpower, etc.
* Updates quality of testing & calibration.
* Establishes credibility of a laboratory.
* Maintains consistency in the quality of services provided.
* Ensures smoothness in the workflow.
* Improves relations between the staff members of the laboratory.

QMS Internal Audit Assessment: Option 1:

According to QMS ISO 17025, it is mandatory to have an Internal audit minimum once in a year but for good for twice in a year for the laboratory. In this option, Dysin auditor will assess the Laboratory to identify the gaps in the implementation of QMS ISO 17025 relevant for testing and technical competence.

QMS Internal Audit Assessment: Option 2:

In this option, Dysin auditor will assess the Laboratory quarterly in a year (4 times) to identify the gaps in implementation on QMS ISO 17025 relevant for testing and technical competence. This option will cover a total of 29 clauses within a year (7- 8 Clauses in each quarter).

Assurance for Laboratory Operations.

Our Laboratory Assurance solutions include assisting clients with:
  • Laboratory layout
  • Implementation of ISO/IEC 17025 standard
  • Technical competency
  • Lab Accreditation Program
  • Equipment validation services
  • Colour evaluation
  • Manual & protocol preparation
  • Quality engineers / QC’s training as per international standards
  • Outsourcing

Technical Competency

  • Test method training
  • Calibration and uncertainty training
  • QMS training on ISO/IEC 17025
  • Protocol preparation

Lab Consultancy and QMS Implementation

We offer evaluation and advisory services, in the areas of effective lab layout planning, training, support on QMS implementation and bespoke solutions.

Pre-Assessment of lab certification program

Dysin offer a Lab Certification Program that analyzes and benchmarks performance of in-house laboratories against dysin’s or your standards, generating standardized results for best manufacturing practices and sourcing decisions. Our Mill Qualification Program is a pre-audit of Retailer programs for gap analysis, lab audit for in-house lab certification of retailer program is covering under this service.

Inspection Module

  • General inspection procedure
  • Fabric inspection requirements
  • Apparel inspection procedure
  • Sampling technique
  • Packaging check
  • Metal detection & calibration
  • Visual examination - defect classification
  • Practical demonstration of inspections

Equipment Validation Services

Calibration is a key component in all systems where instruments are used to collect measurements for the purpose of assessing the reliability and capability of manufacturing operations, testing products against specification in laboratories, and determining compliance with environmental and regulatory requirements. The accuracy of such measurements is dependent on regular calibration of the measuring instruments.

Colour Evaluation Test

This test is important in the colour assessment and colour approval process.
  • Ishihara Plates
  • Farnsworth- Munsell 100 hue test

Product Performance Evaluation

  • Evaluation of apparel, accessories and allied products
  • Overall performance evaluation including special finish claims.
  • Benchmarking of products in the market to know the competency
  • Competency evaluation of apparel care products.