Why Dysin: DYSIN is accredited on 17 parameters by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB). We have also increased our new scopes of calibration (Force, Humidity, Flow (Liquid, Gas & Steam), Electrotechnical & Sound) parameters. DYSIN has on-site & Inhouse Calibration Scopes. We give pick & drop service for Inhouse Instruments Calibration.


Industries Served:

Dysin has a wide range of calibration capabilities in Mechanical, Electrical, Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure to serve various industries.

  • Pharmaceuticals:
  • Textile & Garments:
  • Steel Mills:
  • Feed Mills:
  • Food & Beverage:
  • Power Plants:

Supply: We are the authorized Distributor of TIS & Aditya Engineering Equipment for master equipment calibration.

1. TIS Instruments (S) PTE Ltd.: https://tiscalibrator.com/

Temperature Calibrator:

Pressure Calibrator:

Hand Held Pressure Calibrator


Speed Calibrator:

ADITYA: https://adityaengg.com/
Gauge Block Set:

Internal Micro-Checker:

Caliper Checker: