Reactive Dyes

  • ‘DYCHUFIX’ Branded Reactive Dyes series

Hubei Hwalle Dyestuff Co. Ltd. is a concern of Chuyan Group, China. Established in the Year 2000, by producing 70,000 MT.  Reactive Dyes annually. Fromthe Year 2004 DYSIN GROUP marketing as a sole distributor in the Bangladesh textile dyeing market with great customer satisfactions.

  1. DYCHUFIX VS series
  2. DYCHUFIX BF series
  3. DYCHUFIX HS series
  4. DYCHUFIX SGB series
  5. DYCHUFIX EC series
  6. DYCHUFIX BLACK series
  7. DYCHUFIX P / MCT series
  • DYACION P Reactive Dyes series

Dyacion Reactive ‘P’ Dyes: Reactive ‘P’ Dyes are also known as Printing Dyes and Monochloro Triazine (MCT) Dyes. These dyes are used mainly in Printing and in some cases also used in Padding as well.

Dysin Group has started to marketing to Export Oriented textile reactive printing house.

Disperse Dyes

  • ‘DYTERON’ Branded Disperse Dyes series

Dysin Group have launched DYTERON Brand disperse dyes. Under the strong technical observation and close production guidance selected a series of disperse dyes considering the present demand of Bangladesh polyester textile coloration field from reliable OEM supplier.

  1. DYTERON RPD series
  2. DYTERON E series
  3. DYTERON S & SE series
  4. DYTERON PUT series

Acid Dyes

  • ‘Best Acid’ Branded Acid Dyes Series for Polyamide, Silk and Wool

ORIENTAL GIANT DYESTUFF, The company has established professional dye research and development, manufacturing, and sales company for the Chinese people. Since its establishment in 1977, it has been actively researching and developing and has focused on the pursuit of environmental protection and life consciousness to enhance product satisfaction. For product and production technology. R & D and development, and breakthrough innovation have always spared no effort. It’s a BLUE SIGNE SYSTEM PARTNER Company.

From the Year 1995 DYSIN GROUP marketing as a sole distributor in Bangladesh in various nylon, silk, wool, and narrow fabrics textile dyeing market with great customer satisfaction.

  1. Best Acid L, HL series
  2. Best Acid HM series
  3. Best Acid M series
  4. Supra SF series
  5. Bestalan and Bestaset Dyes
  • DYACID Branded Acid dyes series 

Dyacid acid dyes are used to color silk, wool, leathers, other protein fibers, and nylons, and nothing does it better! Extremely brilliant and colorfast, Dyacid Acid Dyes are highly concentrated, powdered hot water dyes that produce a level, uniform color during immersion dyeing. They exhaust well and won’t bleed or fade with washing. Of all the colorants in the world, acid dyes are known to produce the most luscious colors of all, and Dyacid is unsurpassed for quality, intensity, and consistency.

Direct Dyes


Modern Dyestuffs & Pigments Co., Ltd. (MDP) was founded in 1990 in Thailand and they are one of the leading direct dyes manufacturers in the world, with a strong R&D facility to launch innovative products according to the textile market requirement. Furthermore, MDP has advanced in technology and technical cooperation with the dye manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Germany, and USA.

Dysin-Chem Ltd is the sole distributor of MDP products in the Bangladesh textile market since 2002.

Cationic Dyes

  • DYACRYL Branded Cationic Dyes Range

Jin-Jiang Chemical Dyestuff Co. Ltd. JJCD was established in 1991, which is specialized in the manufacture of cationic dyes. Through years of dynamic growth, JJCD’s annual dye output has now reached 10000 tons, is one of the largest manufacturers of cationic dyes in the world.

From the Year 2005 DYSIN GROUP marketing as a sole distributor in the Bangladesh textile dyeing market with great customer satisfaction.

Vat Dyes

  • DYANTHRENE Branded VAT dyes Range

Dysin Group has launched DYANTHRENE VAT DYES for dyeing of the cellulosic substrate to get substrate’s maximum fastness properties, which are usually difficult to achieve with other cellulose dyeable dyes.

Strong technical observation and close production guidance. Dysin selected a series of VAT dyes for marketing Bangladesh textile VAT coloration field