Laboratory and demonstration centers

  • Dysin provides technical consultation to customers, with the help of our ever-improving laboratory facilities.
  • We have a high-tech Laboratory that can fulfill the dyeing, washing, printing & testing requirements of modern industry.
  • Dysin has its own product development & application research facilities. We source products according to the quality requirements of our industry.
  • DYSIN has ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratories & Calibration Service
  • Demonstration Centers for Garments Printing, Digital Printing, and Garments Dyeing.

Demonstration Unit for Garments Printing

  • 10 color Oval Printing Machine from China
  • 10 color Printing Carousel from Turkey
  • Conveyor Dryer from USA
  • Flocking Equipment from Germany
  • Flat-Screen Printer for Transfer print from Taiwan

Screen Stencil Making Unit

  • With Technology & Equipment from Murakami, Japan
  • Customer service for high quality Screen Stencils

Demonstration Unit for Digital Printing on Garments and Fabric

  • Industrial Digital Printer (Reactive) from Atexco, China
  • Digital Dye-Sublimation Printer and Cutting Plotter from Mimaki, Japan
  • Digital Dye-Sublimation Printer from JHF, China
  • Transfer Calendar from Monti Antonio, Italy
  • Oval + Digital T-Shirt Printer from TYSL, China
  • Flat-bed Digital Textile Printer from Textalk, China
  • Direct to Garment Printer from Ricoh, Japan

Demonstration Unit for Garments Washing & Dyeing
Machinery from Dewelli, Turkey:

  • Front-loading Washing & Dyeing Machine
  • Chemical Spray Cabin
  • Horizontal Brushing Robot
  • Box Type Oven
  • Octopus Crinkle

Machinery from China:

  • Belly-type Washing Machine
  • Garment Drying Machine
  • Hydroextractor